Texas Art Depot
Granny Muffin Wines - Palestine, Texas

Texas Art Depot is located in Historic Downtown Palestine, Texas at 301 W Oak Street. Our family has been serving your family in Art Prints, Custom Framing and Gift Ideas for 40 years. We sell the prints and canvas reproductions as well as some original paintings of many of the best known artists in the world. Artists such as Thomas Kinkade, G. Harvey, Martin Grelle, Paul James, Terry Redlin, Dalhart Windberg and others.

We also carry Rhythm Musical Clocks, Seiko Musical Clocks, and Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes that are handmade in Austin, Texas. We have a huge selection of H & K Metal Sculptures and Wine Caddies to show off your favorite wines, and speaking of wine, we are the Official Home of Granny Muffin Wines. Come in today and meet Granny Muffin and enjoy the tasting room and wines made right here in the building. You'll be glad you visited as we are hometown people and we can help you find your way around the neatest little town in East Texas.

Hours of Operation
Monday Closed -- Closed
Tuesday 10:00am -- 5:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am -- 5:00pm
Thursday 10:00am -- 5:00pm
Friday 10:00am -- 5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am -- 4:00pm
Sunday Closed -- Closed

Texas Art Depot traces it’s roots to Beth's Originals Art Gallery & Frame Shop that was established in 1976 by Beth Johnston who started the business to sell her original paintings and to frame art and keepsakes for her friends and customers. She started very early on to sell limited editions prints and represented many artists and publishers.
My name is Mike Johnston and we bought Beth’s Originals from “Beth”, my mother, in 1999. My wife April worked for mother for about five years before we purchased the gallery so she could retire.  We changed the name of the business to Texas Art Depot in 2002 after we purchased and restored a large and historical two-story building in downtown Palestine, Texas. Capitalizing on the city's railroad heritage and the Texas sized inventory, the name Texas Art Depot just seemed to fit. Our gallery’s home was built in 1908 and in the 1930’s the second floor was the Sandez Hotel, which catered to train passengers and railroad employees. The hotel doubled as a bordello for several years, and some local residents suggest a ghost is resident. The individual rooms still remain with transoms above each door and a different theme of art in each room. The décor is as close to original as possible with high ceilings and fans, but of course we're air conditioned and heated for your convenience.
Please visit the gallery and let us show you around. You’ll see why Décor Magazine has recognized us as one of the “Top One Hundred Art and Framing Retailers in the US” four times. We carry original paintings, fine art canvas and prints from some of the top artists in the world. Names you know like G. Harvey, Terry Redlin, Howard Terpning, Thomas Kinkade, Steve Hanks, Martin Grelle, John Paul Strain, Mort Kunstler and others. We represent fine art publishers like Somerset House, Greenwich Workshops, Mill Pond Press, Collectors Editions and Hadley House. Texas Art Depot also features art shows and events, often bringing very well known contemporary artists to the gallery for public appearances and signings.

The downstairs is devoted to custom framing and collectibles and I promise you won't find a better selection of mats and moulding anywhere. We use the finest equipment available for cutting, joining, and finishing our frames. Mats and framing combinations are designed by our professionals to accent and complement the art. Mats are cut by computer, which allows very intricate detail and personal features. Multiple openings, scallops, and "v" grooves are cut to perfection. Frames are cut, built and assembled on site so that we can have full control of the quality that will represent our family name for years.

We have the very unique Rhythm "Magic Motion" Clocks; hand painted signed and numbered duck decoys, sculptures, art plates, and other collectibles. The gallery contains the largest inventory of original paintings, limited edition prints and limited edition canvas anywhere in Texas. With more than 3000 square feet of upstairs display area you will be amazed how a little town like Palestine will have such a gem as "Texas Art Depot".

In 2009 we added Granny Muffin Wines, which is a custom winery making and bottling wine right here in the gallery. We use the finest juices from around the country and the world including California, Australia, Argentina, and France. You'll love the aromas of fermenting grape juice and of course we offer wine tastings for individuals and groups. Wine is for sale by the taste, glass, bottle or case in many varieties.
Want to make some wine or beer, how about a hard apple cider, we have all the necessary supplies and equipment you’ll need including bottles, juice kits, yeast and chemicals from the top suppliers in the world. Names like Wine Expert, Brewer’s Best, and LD Carlson to name a few. Wine Bottles, beer bottles, cappers, corks, and filtering equipment to aid you in your quest for great beer and wine at modest, do-it-yourself prices. We have wine gift ideas too, so get in soon and see what you’ve been missing.