Our Photos of Spring Fair '05 in Birmingham UK
February 6 - 10, 2005
Paul Horton
Paul Horton (artist) and Mark Eaker
President of Washington Green USA
Alexander Millar
April Johnston (Texas Art Depot)
 and Alexander Millar (artist)
 Wendy Corbett
Steve Johnston
Steve Johnston (Artist) and
April Johnston (Texas Art Depot)
are not related, but who could tell!
Joy Kirton-Smith
& Mike Johnston (Texas Art Depot)
Berit Kruger-Johnsen
Mark Eaker (Washington Green USA)
 and Berit Kruger-Johnsen artist.
Alexander Miller with some refreshments 
Artist Alexander Millar is wearing my Fedora,
brim turned up, and clowning around, like he
so loves to do. What a great time April and I
had with him and all the Washington Green
artists at the SpringFair05' in UK.
April and artist John Waterhouse
Govinder Nazran
Beth Blankenship and
Mike and April at Wood Norton Hall 
Relaxing at Wood Norton Hall
After a Very Eventful Week
William Shakespeare's Home
Our Group in Front of William Shakespeare's
Home in Avon Upon Stratford
John Wilson
Playing Snooker at Wood Norton Hall
Mike gets snookered by Mark Eaker,
President of Washington Green USA
at Wood Norton Hall in Evesham, UK
Joy Kirton-Smith
and April Johnston
Bruce McKay
Artist Bruce McKay with one of  his
newest releases "Smile".
Paul Horton showing his new book
Artist Paul Horton is showing off his
new book that featues his art and his
Warwick Castle
April at Warwick Castle, Warwick, UK
Leamington Spa Train Station
Waiting at the train station in Leamington Spa,
Worcestershire, UK. The train is a very handy
and versatile form of transportation there
 and we used it extensively.
Castle Galleries
Our trip concluded with tours of
Castle Galleries, the leading art retailer
in the United Kingdom
Swan Theatre
While at Avon Upon Stratford, we attended
the Swan Theatre to see the very
contemporary rendition of "Julius Ceasar"