Photos of Texas Art Depot

Texas Art Depot Building
Texas Art Depot is at the corner of
W. Oak St. and N. John St.
Front Room Downstairs
Just inside the front door is the sculpture and
gift items along with the picture framing
consultation area.
Front Room Downstairs
Another angle shows the checkout and a little
of the custom framing consultation area.
Front Room from Mezzanine
Front room view from mezzanine break area
shows the framing selection and checkout.
 Guard Cat
Our highly trained guard cat will be taking care
of gallery security 24/7.
Custom Framing Workshop
Modern frame shop with computer mat cutting
equipment, pneumatic tools,  and good lighting
makes expert craftsmanship the norm.
 Gallery Main Room
The Art Gallery is located upstairs in the old
Sandez Hotel. (see the individual rooms)
Art Gallery Upstairs
The large lobby allows for group meetings,
special events and a great place to relax. 
The bar upstairs is for refreshments and our
customers enjoy the atmosphere while they browse.
 Landscape Art
The individual rooms upstairs are theme galleries
with framed and unframed art prints and canvas.
 Western Art
The Western Art Gallery features hundreds of
limited edition prints by America's best known artists.
 Magic Motion Clocks
We also have a room devoted to Smallworld
Magic Motion Clocks that will simply amaze you.
 Historic Downtown
Looking up W. Oak Street in Historic
Downtown Palestine, Texas.
You can't go wrong scheduling an entire day to
shop our town and local merchants and visit some
of the attractions that makes Palestine unique.
Evening at Texas Art Depot
Texas Art Depot after sunset.