John P. Cowan Biography Continued:

He worked as a commercial illustrator until the 1960s when his true talent was discovered by Houston art dealer Meredith Long.

Long hooked Cowan up with the who's who of the Houston sporting scene, and the artist painted these people doing the things they loved. His most common subjects were waterfowl hunting, quail hunting, dove hunting and saltwater fishing.

He had an incredible knack for painting recognizable people into his scenes, but everything about the art was true to form.

Cowan’s especially crisp and sparkling watercolors make a point of engaging man and wilderness. His artwork exemplifies his love for both hunting and fishing. He has been known to say: "If I had just one day to live, I think I’d spend it fishing."

His paintings have appeared as cover art and illustrations in such magazines as Fortune, Life, Look, Esquire, Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, and other national publications. He has been awarded two silver medals by the Houston Artists Guild, was named Texas State Artist by the Texas Legislature in 1978-1979, and was chosen Artist of the Year by Ducks Unlimited in 1977.

John was selected as one of the top 12 contemporary outdoor artists in America in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Sports Afield magazine. His impressive portfolio of over 80 limited edition prints contains some of the most collectible prints ever published.

You can read more about John and his work in "John P. Cowan: A Texas Treasure".

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