High Flyin' Art and Jazz Festival '06

Musical Group on Bud Stage
Three different jazz bands played on the
Budweiser Stage from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Art Vendors on the City Lawn
Art Vendors displayed their crafts, from wood
carvers and turners, painters, pottery, and
culinary artists too.
 Libby Brooke at Texas Art Depot
Artist Libby (Elizabeth) Brooke showed her
Texas Bluebonnet giclee's and originals at
Texas Art Depot
 Simon Webster
Chef Simon Webster of Sabor a Pasion prepared
a gourmet feast featuing lobster and twelve lucky
people purchased at auction places at his table.
 Lucky Gourmet diners
Artist Libby Brooke, the Laine's and Well's, all
friends and customers of Texas Art Depot and of
course Mike and April at Texas Art Depot dined!
Art and Jazz Festival 2006
The weather was perfect, the Hot Air Balloons
were able to launch in the morning and fly across
East Texas and the evening Balloon Glow was great