Frequently Asked Questions!
Question: Where does Texas Art Depot purchase the fine art prints and canvas shown on the website and in the gallery?
Texas Art Depot is an authorized dealer for most of the major fine art publishers in the US and the United Kingdom. Publishers like Somerset House, Hadley Companies, Greenwich Workshop, Mill Pond Press, and Washington Green. Some artists choose to publish their own prints and canvas and in those cases we purchase directly from the artist. If, in the event, a print is sold out and we make a secondary market purchase for you we deal only with authorized dealers who can furnish the proper certification for their work. You can be sure that you'll never receive any fakes from Texas Art Depot!
Can I sell my art prints or canvas reproduction to Texas Art Depot?
No, we are committed to selling only art prints that we can trace directly to the artists. This requires that we purchase them from the artists or their publisher. While this forces you to find another market for your art that you no longer want, it ensures our customers that they are buying authentic signed and numbered reproductions when they purchase from Texas Art Depot.
Question: I purchased a print or canvas from you and (it’s not what I expected, not the right color, not the right size, I was laid off, I’m stupid for having no idea what my framer charges, it doesn’t fit my décor, it was a gift and he or she hated it, generic excuse or reason why I want to return it) I want to return it for a refund will you please let me return it?
Yes, but! “Yes” we value your business and we certainly want to keep you as our customer, “but” shipping things around the country costs money. Also, some of our providers, especially Thomas Kinkade, will impose restock fees on returns. Thomas Kinkade charges a 20% restock fee and we're forced to pass that fee along to you, so be sure you want it before you order it. We’re happy to show you the in-stock art in our gallery for free, but we’ll show it to you in your home for about $30 each way. Most prints cost us around $30 to box and ship. We only charge $9.95 shipping on most purchases and we make the other approximately $20 from our profit on the art sale. When you change your mind we don’t make a profit and we’re forced to charge the actual shipping charges back to you. Your refund will be less about $30 shipping ($10 for the box and actual freight costs whatever that is) and you’ll also have to pay to ship it back to us. It must come in the original package and must be undamaged. We recommend you ship it back using UPS or FedEx and that you insure it for the retail value. Then, if it’s damaged you can get your refund from UPS or FedEx because we will refuse to accept a damaged package.
Question: I don’t want my prints wrinkled or bent, so how does Texas Art Depot ship them?
We ship them very well! Prints are shipped flat between sheets of 175# cardboard in a 175# cardboard box. This keeps the prints flat and unwrinkled. Pre-stretched canvas is shipped in the same way. Large Giclee canvas prints are rarely pre-stretched and are rolled in a large crush-proof tube for shipping. The exceptions are overseas shipping and posters. Overseas shipping is charged out at cost + duties and tariffs. This means most of our customers prefer us to use the US Postal Service. Mailing is much cheaper but will delay delivery by about a week. The postal service will not take large flat packages and we are normally forced to use large tubes such as the ones we use for Giclee canvas. Posters are always shipped in a tube.
Question: What do you mean when you say some canvas ship un-stretched, don’t they need to be stretched for framing?
Absolutely, but shipping a 30 x 40 stretched canvas will cost more than getting it stretched by your framer. In our gallery we stretch the canvas for $25 when we are doing the framing and that includes the deluxe 2” stretcher bars. If you have concerns that your framer can’t or won’t stretch your canvas and would like to have them pre-stretched prior to shipping then call and we’ll quote you a price on the stretching and shipping.
Question: What about framing? Does Texas Art Depot offer framing to internet customers?
Yes, we offer framing using world famous Larson-Juhl mouldings. To prevent damage and discoloration of your prints Texas Art Depot always chooses acid-free rag mats for framing. We recommend Tru Vue museum glass to our gallery customers for it’s crystal clear appearance and UV light protection. We substitute Acrylite brand acrylic glazing in place of the glass for our Internet customers since it is almost unbreakable for shipping and is crystal clear with UV protection as well. Customers can pick the mouldings from the manufacturers websites and we’ll be happy to price a frame job using them. A link to their sites is provided http://www.larsonjuhl.com/ 
Question: I (inherited, found, bought, stole, framed, take your pick) a great piece of art, I want to know what it’s worth so I can (sell it, give it, burn it, trade it, frame it, re-frame it). I probably will never purchase anything from you but I’m sure you don’t mind looking things up for me for free and I feel like you can help me with the value of this treasure of mine. What is the value of __________?
While limited edition art prints and canvas do indeed change in value, the actual worth of anything is (by definition) exactly what you can sell it for right now to a willing buyer. The beautiful framing that you picked out will probably reduce the value since you didn’t choose it for your buyer’s home. Informart Magazine is the primary source for art print secondary market values and Texas Art Depot does subscribe to this magazine. A really great artwork that you love from a very well known and collected artist will probably appreciate in value. Not all art does appreciate in value and you should never purchase art prints as an investment. We recommend purchasing art for its beauty and décor value and if it appreciates in value that is just another added benefit. When we quote a price from Informart Magazine the price always assumes that the print is pristine (no wrinkles, fading, or indentations), never framed, and still in it’s original packaging and is complete with the certificate of authenticity if appropriate. Framing will always deter selling a print on the secondary market unless you go through an Internet auction site. Art print appraisals are done at Texas Art Depot free for our customers and $10 per title for those who have not purchased from us yet! For a print or canvas appraisal follow this Link.
Question: I’m really a great artist and I’m trying hard to sell my prints. I’m sure they would really sell if I could get them on your website. How do I go about getting my art listed on Texas Art Depot’s website?
Answer: It’s really easy if I’ve heard of you and I’ve had customers ask for your work, otherwise, it quite a bit more difficult. In that instance you’ll need to send me some pictures of your work, tell us about yourself and how you are marketing your work now. We’ll need to know what kind of demand you have for your work, as that is really how the Internet works. A demand for your work will need to be created in galleries and shows and when people are clamoring for your art, then and only then will you be successful on the Internet.
Question: Sold Out - Inquire or In Stock - what the heck does that mean and can I get it, and when? While you're at it what does it actually cost if I order from you?
Answer: In Stock means one of three things. (1) It is literally In Stock and we'll ship it immediately. (2) It is temporarily out of stock but we can reorder from the publisher and fill your order in about a week or so. In either case your cost is exactly what is quoted by the website. The exception is for shipping beyond the 48 contiguous United States and we'll happily quote that prior to ordering if you'll call or email. and (3) It's sold out and unavailable and we've not updated our website yet. (This rarely happens, it's embarrasing when it does, but it has happened) In this case we do a full refund and apologize for wasting your time. Sold Out - Inquire means just that. The person who viewed our site before you purchased our last remaining copy and it is sold out. It also means that the publisher or artist is sold out and we will have to find one on the secondary market at current market price. We have several secondary market resources and we will be happy to find your sold out art print and verify pricing before you purchase but we never offer refunds or exchanges on secondary purchases we make for you with your approval!

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